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Global Intermodal Equipment Registry

Virtual equipment marking system for Federal Roadability Compliance

Why Subscribe to GIER?

GIER provides a database of North American chassis that enables electronic equipment marking to identify the Intermodal Equipment Provider responsible for the maintenance and repair of the equipment under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations (Section 390.21, Part 390). There are currently over 660,000 chassis registered in the GIER database, representing over 100 Intermodal Equipment Providers.

From GIER Users

"To my company and I am betting the industry, GIER was probably one of the most important pieces of software developed in the last probably five to ten years."
Kevin Lhotak
Reliable Transportation Specialists, inc.
intermodal chassis are registered in GIER.
of estimated total chassis in North America are managed in GIER.

GIER Online Public Inquiry

GIER provides an online tool for roadside enforcement personnel and users to query the GIER database to identify the responsible IEP or EP for chassis and/or containers that are registered in GIER. Query returns IEP (or Equipment Provider for containers), Equipment Owner, Contact, Equipment ID, License Plate & State as well as VIN and Chassis Pool ID if provided.

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IANA provides the industry with value added information services that facilitate business processes and efficiencies promoting intermodal growth and productivity.